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#NHS : Rachael And Matthew Oldfield Had No Intention Of Returning To Portugal For The Vital Police Reconstruction. It Was NOT Up To The Oldfields To Run The Investigation And Decide On Whether Or Not A Reconstruction Was Necessary BUT This Is What They Were Clearly Doing !

Rachael and Matthew Oldfield

Email to Rachael Oldfield from Stuart Prior

17 April 2008

Table of Contents : Vol XVI page 4226

From : Prior Stuart
Subject : Re-enactment questions
To : "Rachael Oldfield"
Date : Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Dear Rachael and Matthew,

As you are aware I had the opportunity to discuss the proposed re-enactment in Portugal, of Madeleine's disappearance with the PJ Director and Senior Investigating Officer Paulo Rebelo. I explained the concerns that you and the other holidaying friends had raised over your involvement in this re-enactment.

He informed me that he would consider the comments that each of you made and would discuss these issues with Senior colleagues of the PJ and the Prosecutor.

He has now had the opportunity to do this and has forwarded the attached document to me which explains the Portuguese position in relation to the concerns that you have raised.

He has asked that I forward a copy of this response to each of you.

I trust that these answers will assist you and the others in reaching a decision as to whether you intend to participate in the proposed re-enactment.

If you wish to discuss this further then please do not hesitate in getting in touch with myself.


Leicestershire Constabulary.

Email response from Rachael Oldfield

23 April 2008

Table of Contents: Vol XVI Page 4225

From : Rachael Oldfield ()
To : "Prior Stuart"
Cc : "Matthew Oldfield" ()
Sent : Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008.
Subject : Re : Re-enactment questions

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your e-mail and the attached response from the PJ.

We remain unconvinced that this reconstruction is necessary. Our most
significant question hasn't been answered, ie, how is it going to help find Madeleine/materially benefit the search for her?

Point 14 of the PJ's response says that they consider this re-enactment "highly important". Why is that? What are they really trying to get out of a reconstruction?

Either they believe our version of the events of May 3rd 2007, or they don't. If they do, why the need for a reconstruction? If they don't believe us, do they want a reconstruction so we can convince them otherwise?

If the purpose of a reconstruction is to convince the Prosecutor to lift Kate and Gerry's arguido status then we would consider taking part in it. If it is to properly focus the investigation on the person seen carrying a child away from the apartment, again, we would consider taking part because that would help to find Madeleine.

We just need to be properly convinced of the reasons for doing a re-enactment.

We know you are the middle man in all this but we are sorry for more questions !
Please give either of us a call if you would like to talk through the above. Also if you feel this e-mail should be forwarded to the PJ please could you let us know.

Many thanks,
Kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Rachael and Matthew Oldfield.

Email to Ricardo Paiva from Stuart Prior

24 April 2008

Table of contents: Vol XVI page 4224

From : Stuart Prior
Date : 24th April 2008
To : Ricardo Manuel Gonçalves Paiva
Subject : FW : Re-enactment questions.


This is the first reply received from the friends of the McCann's.

It seems to be the same as when you were in the UK that Rachael and Matthew would be willing to attend if they are satisfied as to the purpose of the re-enactment but clearly do not feel the previous answers from Paulo cover their questions.

Could you please discuss the attached e-mail with Paulo, see if any further answers can be clarified and get back to me.