Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#McCann : Libel Trial - If Called OLDFIELD May Find Himself In The Position Of Arguido.

Dr. Matthew Oldfield, why, if as some believe the McCanns are innocent have they not questioned Oldfields statements ?

McCann ,it is claimed last saw Madeleine around 9 pm. Matt did the alleged 9.30 check claiming to have seen the twins breathing. Matt's, description of the cots is correct, however one cot has both sides filled in , the filled in side facing the door (as photograph of crime scene clearly shows)  Oldfield could not possibly have seen one of the twins breathing without entering the room and peering into the cot, to do this he would have had to pass Madeleines bed TWICE !   AND yet Oldfield STILL insists he did not see Madeleine, the ONLY reason he was in the apartment, to check on ALL three children. Therefore it is beyond bizarre to even comprehend on his return to the tapas bar he did not relay this to the McCanns !

If the McCanns are innocent then Matthew Oldfield is the Prime suspect and this should be proven in the libel trial if he is called to repeat his allegations.

1)  He claims not to have seen Madeleine

2 ) More importantly he could not possibly have seen one of the twins breathing without entering the room which he has denied.

3) If he has lied about entering the room the question should be why ?

4) Making Oldfield a suspect may be the only way to get at the truth.

5) It is VITAL that Dr.Amaral's lawyer requests the cleaner of Apartment 5A to testify, she witnessed cots in seperate rooms, May 2nd 2007.


Verbatim : From Dr.Matthew Oldfields Rogatory

So I approached the room but I didn't actually go in because you could see the twins in the cots and one of the, you could see the twins in the cots because they're in with, sort of the cots were in the middle of the room with sort of a gap of about sort of maybe a foot between the two, the cots had sort of got that fabric end and sort of a mesh side, so you could see the sides and you could see them, erm, see them breathing and there were two there and it was all completely quiet. And the other things you could see in the room, there was a, there was another bed at the back underneath the window at the far side and you could see the end of the bed, another bed here".


The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window
The room: Madeleine's bed, left, the twins' cots and an empty bed under the shuttered window

Memories: Madeleine at 2.29pm on the day she disappeared