Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Matt Oldfield Statement May 4th - Bearing In Mind The Room Only Has One Window Was Matt Ever There At All ?

[b]He states that the bedroom has two windows[/b]. The twins occupy two cots placed in the middle of the room and Madeleine occupies a bed pushed against the wall, facing the wall which has the two windows that look out onto the outside of the complex. That the door through which he entered the apartment was closed but not locked. That he doesn't know if it is usual for Madeleine's parents to leave the door closed but not locked in so far as that door is visible from the restaurant.

At around 10pm, Kate, Madeleine's mother, went to her apartment to check on her children. She came back totally shocked, shouting, saying that Madeleine was no longer in her bedroom. At that time all the adults were in the restaurant. Then, the whole group went to Madeleine's bedroom and checked that the twins were sleeping OK. That there was no signs of a burglary in the apartment. Only, one window in the children's bedroom was open. The window and the shutters were open.